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SDRI Announces Leadership Changes and Campaign Milestones

Sansum Diabetes Research Institute (SDRI) is pleased to provide an update on recent leadership changes and exciting developments for their capital campaign, Innovative Research, Inspiring Hope.

SDRI closed 2023 honoring the retirement of Executive Director, Ellen Goodstein. Ellen’s remarkable career has been characterized by steadfast commitment to advancing the mission of SDRI, notably in championing research initiatives for women whose pregnancy was complicated by diabetes. During Ellen’s tenure, SDRI engaged in working with key industry partners to test the safety and efficacy of continuous glucose monitoring systems which transformed technology and eliminated the use of finger sticks. Ellen left a dynamic legacy at SDRI that embodied the spirit and excellence of the individuals and teams who endeavor every day to create better outcomes for individuals and families impacted by diabetes.

Dr. Samuel Klein is transitioning from his role as Chief Scientific Officer at SDRI and will begin serving as an Advisor in March. Dr. Klein will maintain oversight of the Plant Forward research studies, focused on type 2 diabetes within the Hispanic community.

A newly established Community Advisory Board will play a pivotal role in disseminating information and raising awareness about the significance of SDRI’s research studies. This initiative is paramount to SDRI, as it holds the potential to generate research data that could drive tangible improvements in clinical care for our Hispanic community members.

Amidst these changes, SDRI is delighted to announce the appointment of an experienced, galvanizing leader, Elizabeth Thompson, as Chief Executive Officer. Liz is nationally recognized for her abilities to engage diverse stakeholders to set a common agenda for impact, to raise money for research, and to advocate for evidence-based high-quality and high-value care.

“I am honored to join Sansum Diabetes Research Institute as the new CEO,” said Liz. “Together with our dedicated team, I am committed to driving advancements in diabetes research, education, and clinical care. By fostering collaboration and innovation, we will work tirelessly to make a tangible difference in the lives of people impacted by diabetes.”

“We extend a warm welcome to Liz,” shared Board President, Dr. Kenneth Waxman. “She is a talented and proven leader, and we believe with her expertise in the areas of scientific research, patient programming, and development, she is the right leader for SDRI at this time of great opportunity. Liz joins us as our campaign reaches an important juncture. We are thrilled to announce that we are moving forward with construction on our building at 2219 Bath Street, a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance research capabilities and patient care. We look forward to the positive impact these developments will bring to our community and beyond.”

SDRI is deeply grateful for the meaningful support and significant investments received from donors to fuel the campaign. The monies raised to date will fund a modern facility to conduct state-of-the-art research and to provide clinical care in a welcoming environment equipped with the experienced staff, technology, and equipment that quality research and contemporary patient care require.

As SDRI continues to evolve its strategic plan, the institute invites stakeholders to join in shaping its research agenda and driving impactful outcomes for individuals living with diabetes. SDRI is ready to move forward with confidence, united in purpose, focused on progress.