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SDRI Welcomes Esteemed Leaders to the Board of Trustees

Sansum Diabetes Research Institute (SDRI) is proud to welcome two distinguished individuals, Yvette Giller and Daren Dickerson, to the Board of Trustees. Both individuals share SDRI’s unwavering dedication to advancing diabetes research and improving the lives of those impacted by diabetes.

Yvette Birch Giller brings a wealth of experience and expertise in nonprofit leadership and governance to the board.  As President of the Mosher Foundation, she works closely with the community’s nonprofit organizations on numerous initiatives to support a dynamic community, with a special emphasis on the role of nutrition, access to healthy foods, and the role healthy food plays in disease prevention and treatment. Prior to moving into this new leadership role in November 2022, she served as Executive Vice President of the Foundation for nearly 12 years.

Daren Dickerson joins the board with a distinguished career in the financial services industry and a deep passion for community engagement. He has served as CEO at Infab Corporation, Camarillo, CA since 2021. Earlier in his career, he held key financial roles, including positions at Harman International from 1996 to 2008, where he concluded his tenure as Vice President of Finance, and at Shield Healthcare as Chief Financial Officer for eight years.

“I am thrilled to welcome Yvette Giller and Daren Dickerson to our Board of Trustees,” said Jim Sloan, SDRI Board President. “Their extensive leadership experience and personal connections to diabetes will provide critical guidance and direction in helping to advance the goals of SDRI.”