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Type 2 Diabetes Programs

SDRI’s legacy of health education traces back to the pioneering efforts of Dr. Sansum, who in 1922, organized groundbreaking classes for all his patients with diabetes, setting the foundation for our comprehensive education and outreach programs. Today, our education programs are delivered by certified diabetes educators and community health workers who are passionate about making a positive impact in the diabetes community. Our team provides personalized guidance and resources to help individuals manage their diabetes effectively.

SDRI’s Legacy of Type 2 Diabetes Education: Bridging Gaps, Empowering Communities

Community Health Workers play a vital role in our efforts to promote health equity by bridging gaps in healthcare access and education. These dedicated individuals are trained at SDRI to become specialists in diabetes and research programs, working closely with community members to provide culturally competent care, support self-management practices, and empower individuals to take control of their health and diabetes.

At SDRI, we understand that language accessibility in healthcare is essential. Our community health workers teach classes in both English and Spanish, fostering inclusivity in our community and ensuring that vital information reaches the widest possible audience.

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