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"What we get to do now is work on the latest, greatest technology," Dr. Castorino shared. "Anywhere from insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, and devices as they keep getting smaller and better. We also get to focus on what is the best practice for really high quality diabetes education. Anywhere from the high tech to the high touch."

Catch Dr. Castorino, Senior Research Physician at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute (SDRI), as she shares groundbreaking insights into diabetes management during pregnancy on KEYT. In this illuminating interview, Dr. Castorino delves into SDRI’s innovative approaches to improving maternal health outcomes through cutting-edge research and personalized care strategies. Learn about the challenges faced by expectant mothers with diabetes and how SDRI’s dedicated team is working tirelessly to address them. From novel treatment options to enhanced prenatal care protocols, discover how SDRI is revolutionizing healthcare for pregnant women with diabetes. Don’t miss this engaging discussion that sheds light on the importance of prioritizing maternal health and highlights the transformative impact of SDRI’s work in this critical area of healthcare. Watch now and join us in our mission to create a healthier future for mothers and their babies.