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Beatríz (Betty) Angeles joined Sansum Diabetes Research Institute in 2017. Betty is one of the first Especialista and has been a promotora in other health programs for over 5 years. Betty traces her inspiration to be a promotora back to her mother. During Betty’s childhood years in Peru, her mother would throw “parties” to feed those short on food so that they would not feel it was a handout. Betty carried her mother’s giving spirit with her to college, as many friends would often confide in her about their struggles. Rather than giving out money, she would help people find jobs, information, and resources.

An active parent in the schools of her four children, Betty has decades of experience volunteering as a way to give back to her community. Since then, she has become especially passionate about her work at SDRI because of the need for greater investments within Latino communities. To Betty, education is a crucial part of diabetes prevention and management. She feels that most people are so concerned with taking care of their family that they don’t think about themselves, which is why education will is so foundational.